Another new normal: Mass shooter panic and stampedes reported across the US

At airport, concerts, theaters, schools, parade, subway, train station, charity walk, malls, festivals and a peace vigil

The latest: Widespread panic at DC Pride Parade

Last week: Five rushed to hospitals after stampede at Philly music fest

May 31, 2019: Firecracker ignites stampede on New York subway car

“People were leaving bags and stuff on the floor, people were knocking each other over."

May 26, 2019: Concert locked down in Napa Valley

“They were running toward the entrance. It was terrifying."

May 19, 2019: Drill sparks panic in Chicago

“My heart did start racing. I thought what can I do to save my child.”

May 12, 2019: Hundreds of Ohio mall patrons running and screaming in panic

"There were cars trying to get out of the parking lot so fast that they were running into other cars. It was bad."

May 10, 2019: Dozens hurt at Florida music festival

"People were trampling each other, hopping fences, crying hysterically."

May 6, 2019: Shooting sets off stampede in Memphis

“I skinned all the skin off my knees. I had to go to the emergency room.”

April 29, 2019: Crowd scrambles out of Atlanta movie theatre

"Some people say they're hearing shots. Some people say they're hearing a man yelling. And no one's really sure. It's a lot of chaos and confusion."

April 5, 2019: Lockdown at the Fashion Institute of Technology

"I’m still shaken up, very shaken up. It was just very scary at the time.”

April 1, 2019: 19 hospitalized after Los Angeles stampede

March 16, 2019: Shooter panic during mass shooting vigil

"People gathering for peace, to fight this hate and they have been knocked down by panic and are hiding in bathrooms, and classrooms."

March 15, 2019: Mall shoppers panic

Feb 10, 2019: Restaurant patrons report active shooter

February 16, 2019: Panic at Orlando International Airport

"A bystander falsely yelled that (a man) had a gun, triggering a confused, panicked stampede of hundreds of travelers through TSA security and into the airport's main atrium."

Same day: Sound of gunshots wreaked havoc at the crowded mall

On the evening before in San Francisco: Three people were injured, one with a broken leg

"One woman said he had a knife, a gun and a hand grenade. Hordes of people were running from gates 1 through 59. It was the scariest moment of my life."

December 29, 2018: Mass hysteria injures 18 at Florida mall

“I saw many people running and screaming, and some crying. I ran to my car and saw a girl having a seizure from the shock of it all.”

December 21, 2018: Stampede reported at Delaware mall

December 7, 2018: High school students sent into panic.

"It was a stampede. We all ran out to the baseball field, jumped fences. We're helping girls out. It was insane. Everyone thought it was real. That's your worst nightmare right there."

October 3, 2018 in Central Park: Dozens of concertgoers injured in stampede

"Some people screamed “Shooter!” Barriers and tall fences were toppled. People fell and were trampled. Many fled shoeless."

July 28, 2018: Report of gunshots leads to stampede at Brooklyn train station.

"Terrifying getting off the L train at Bedford ace and everyone was running. It was pure chaos and everyone was terrified."

March 16, 2018: Human stampede reported at SXSW

"I dove on my stomach and knees behind a trash can and thought I was going to die."

August 2, 2018: Panic follows training exercise at military base

April 24, 2017: Terrified crowds raced out of New York's Penn Station following false reports of gunfire

Video of the aftermath:

December, 2016: 12-year-old breaks leg as chaos erupts in New Jersey mall

November, 2016: Shooting sets off panic in New Orleans

"It was panic. Everybody started running. People getting run over, stepped on, knocked over."

August, 2016: Herd response in a North Carolina mall food court


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