Meet an expert on lockdown drills

Stunning public service announcement distributed by March for Our Lives:

Gun violence prevention organization March for Our Lives has a new video and a message about lockdown drills:

"A child's most important lesson shouldn't be how to survive. In almost every school in America, active shooter drills have become as normal as math and science class. Survival lessons start at four years old and become more terrifying as kids get older. Let the world know what our kids are learning."

It's all part of their campaign for universal background checks:

"Senate Resolution 42 is the Background Check Expansion Act. It will help protect young lives from gun violence by closing dangerous loopholes ... The fight for universal background checks is the most important fight for gun violence prevention yet, and 97% of Americans support it."

The video ends with the child sharing a song she learned:

"Lockdown, lockdown let's all hide
Lock the doors and stay inside
Crouch on down
Don't Make a sound
And don't cry or you'll be found"