Hunger strike to end gun violence enters third week in Miami

News coverage has been limited to local media until today

The local news video posted at the top of this article was published ten days ago, reporting on nine men in Miami who have gone on a hunger strike to call for an end to gun violence.

The Miami Herald has a new report today, reporting:

"Nine men have vowed to fast for as long as it takes for us to see what gun violence has done, and is doing, to our community."

And had another last week, explaining:

"They drink water. But other than that, not a single nutrient has entered their bodies. Twice a day, they’re checked by medics." - The Miami Herald.

But the story has received little or no national news coverage, at least until a NPR report in wide distribution this weekend:

The reporter explained that she had been unaware of the action:

"I stumbled on the protest because I was reporting on another story in the area." - NPR reporter Lulu Garcia-Navarro

The South Florida Sun-Sentinel has also been reporting:

"The group of nine men — “The Hunger Nine” — began their hunger strike March 9 to highlight the gun violence that has brought sorrow, fear and anger to every Miami neighborhood — especially communities like Overtown and Liberty City." - South Florida Sun-Sentinel

From The Miami Times online:

"The Hunger 9 include Anthony Blackman, McArthur Richard, Albert Campbell, Phillip Muhammad Tavernier, Melvin El, Ed Haynes, Anthony Durden, George Jackson and Leroy Jones."

Local TV news reports:

You can follow on Twitter where many are using the #Hunger9 hashtag.

Florida state representative Shevrin Jones posted the photo at the top of this article: