Start Me Up Podcast: Nick Knudsen And The DemCast Network

Kimberley Johnson

Demcast founder Nick Knudsen is here to tell us all about the new grassroots media hub that just launched on September 19, 2019. It's a site where regular voters can find truthful articles, podcasts (like Start Me Up), videos and memes that lean blue and have been vetted. The goal is to fight the onslaught of disinformation from right-wing extremists and possible foreign adversaries looking to sway our elections. 

DemCast is looking for people who are looking to share written or broadcast content as well as local grassroots organizers who will work with local grassroots organizations. There's so much to offer and do, please take a listen and check out the site.

I also have some commentary after my interview with Nick about the anger aimed at Democratic leadership. I always welcome your feedback.

Listen to the show HERE.

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