Republican Men Are Too Emotional To Lead

Kimberley Johnson

Why are Republican men so angry? They currently hold most of the power. Could it be they see that power slipping away? Are these men battling depression, and anger is the way they express their pain?

I'm not a psychologist, but one doesn't have to be a medical professional to see the rage coming from these white conservative men.

Here are some examples of white Republican men acting like little boys:

Florida Republican Matt Gaetz behaved like a tantrum-throwing man-baby while he grilled John Dean, former attorney who served as White House Counsel to President Richard Nixon. Geatz is so angry.

South Carolina Republican Lindsey Graham's behavior used to be somewhat reasonable. In February 2016, Graham said his own party was bats**t crazy for getting behind Donald Trump's candidacy. But that was before he turned into a Trump sycophant. Now he's just screamy and bitter. What happened to him? Why is Lindsey so angry?

Accused rapist and Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh acted like a petulant child last September during his confirmation hearing where he defended his love of beer and "boofing." It's understandable someone in his position would feel defensive, but considering the position he would be filling, it seems a stable and measured temperament would a better selling point than a defensive, red-faced man yammering about his love of beer!

The 2018 blue wave might have something to do with the seething anger these white GOP men feel -- they may be sensing signs of extinction (politically speaking) -- and instead of governing like rational humans, they don't think at all, and instead, they act on instinct. They scream and yell thinking that will make them appear powerful like lions or grizzly bears in the wild. But it doesn't. They look like toddlers who are told they can't have dessert before dinner. So sad.

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