One Thing Will Take Trump Out Of The Presidency, The Other Will Ruin Him Forever

Kimberley Johnson

Donny Deutsch, friend of Donald Trump’s former lawyer, Michael Cohen, appeared on MSNBC over the weekend and made a dire prediction about the president's future.

Deutsch said "We’ve been focusing on, rightfully so, on Russia, the payments to these women...let me say this unequivocally as a guy who spent most of his career in business in New York, advertising business, in real estate business, the fashion’s a small world. Donald Trump in the industry of real estate developers, which is kind of a bit of a slimy business to begin with, was known as the bottom of the of the bottom of the bottom of the food chain.”

He said he’s heard stories and asserted that Trump is a “criminal” guy. And continued, "What is going to put him in jail eventually... destroy anything he's ever built, and his children, is a 30-year dishonest criminal enterprise. One thing will take him out of the presidency, the other will ruin him forever."

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