Five White Men Vote To Ban Abortion In Small Texas Town

Waskom unanimously declares itself 'sanctuary city for the unborn'
Waskom unanimously declares itself 'sanctuary city for the unborn'

Waskom unanimously declares itself 'sanctuary city for the unborn'

Kimberley Johnson

On Tuesday, Waskom Texas's city council, consisting of five white men, unanimously decided to ban abortions within city limits, making it the first city to declare itself "sanctuary city of the unborn." 

The Washington Post reported the ordinance bans most abortion with exceptions for cases of rape, incest, and when the mother's life is at risk.

According to KTSA, there are no abortion providers in Waskom, and the ordinance was passed to prevent any abortion clinics from opening in the small Texas town. 

From the Washington Post:

"There are no abortion clinics in Waskom, Tex., a city of about 2,200, which lies on the border with Louisiana. But the all-male, all-white city council decided unanimously Tuesday that prohibiting abortion was necessary as a preventive measure.

The municipal prohibition, which plainly contradicts the judgments of the U.S. Supreme Court, joins statewide bans on abortion sweeping the country in the wake of the solidification of a conservative majority on the nation’s top court. In Texas, abortion has already been banned after 20 weeks. Now in the state, a bill awaiting the governor’s signature would require doctors to treat 'a child born alive after an abortion,' which happens rarely"

The city’s mayor, Jesse Moore, warned council members the ordinance is unconstitutional and lawsuits would likely follow, saying, "Most likely we will end up getting sued if this passes." according to "It could go to the Supreme Court."

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