Stop Asking If Republicans Leaders Are Shameless And Stupid. They’re Not.

Kimberley Johnson

Don't ask if Republicans have shame. They do not. Don't ask if they're stupid and don't understand the issues. They do understand, and they purposely lie because they have nothing else.

They spread propaganda on purpose. Their goal is to deceive the public.

Asking if they have shame or if they know better is not a good use of your time. Call them out for what they do; they lie. Follow up with the facts regarding whatever they're lying about.

By replying with "Are they stupid?" or "Have they no shame?” you’re falling right into their trap. These kinds of responses keep the facts hidden and neither question helps voters determine what's true and what isn't. It’s imperative to counter their propaganda with facts. You may not convince a Trump supporter of the truth, but you may help a neutral voter develop an informed opinion.

Republicans are currently selling their gullible base the idea that parents are choosing to murder babies once they’ve been born. They’re twisting facts and LYING on purpose. They want to convince as many people as possible to believe that Democrats are baby killers. There are instances when an infant is literally “born to die” Meaning a birth takes place but the child has a fatal condition and will not survive. Parents have to decide how to proceed with a newborn who's terminally ill. Each instance is unique. One baby might live for an hour, another baby might live for a day. Sometimes the children are in pain. Whatever the decision, it should made by a doctor and the parents, not an elected official with a political agenda.

Republican Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin spoke at CPAC about abortion and he lied. He said some parents "take the baby home and kill the baby at home."

What Walker described is murder and it’s already illegal. It’s not something Democrats want, or are asking for. But Walker understands that people who watch Fox “News”, or get their news from toxic talk radio hosts, believe this kind of propaganda, especially when it comes out of the mouth of an elected official.

Gynecologist Dr. Jennifer Gunter wrote a piece in the New York Times titled, “I Didn’t Kill My Baby.” She shared that her water broke at 22 weeks and explained almost no babies survive if they’re delivered before 23 weeks. She was carrying triplets and expected all of them to die.

She wrote:

“After we consulted with a high-risk obstetrician and a neonatologist, I heard the dismal news I had expected: The survival rate for male triplets at 22 weeks and three days was less than 1 percent.”

Dr. Gunter described a heartbreaking scene where she was all alone in a hospital bathroom and delivered her son, Aidan – her son who was born to die – so small he fit in her hands. A nurse asked Gunter if she wanted to hold her son.

“If I held him and saw him die, then I would know exactly what I was going to face if the other two delivered (ultimately, my other two sons survived)."

As Aidan’s parents we had decided that invasive procedures, like intravenous lines and a breathing tube in a one-pound body, would be pointless medical care. And so, as we planned, Aidan died.

Republicans know parents aren’t bringing infants home to murder them, but telling the truth doesn’t fire up the base.

Another CPAC darling, Candace Owens, declared that racism is over because she was never a slave. Owens, who is a conservative African-American is not stupid. She’s not ignorant. She understands exactly what’s she’s doing: earning a paycheck to lie. In case you’re not aware, Owens’ was recently under fire for saying that Hitler was okay until he tried to go global. She said, “If Hitler just wanted to make Germany great and have things run well, OK, fine."

Owens continued:

“The problem is he wanted, he had dreams outside of Germany. He wanted to globalize, he wanted everybody to be German, everybody to be speaking German, everybody to look a different way. To me, that’s not nationalism. So in thinking about how it could go bad down the line, I don’t really have an issue with nationalism, I really don’t.”

Republicans lie on purpose. No, they’re not ignorant, or stupid, and they have no shame. They’re smart because they understand how to manipulate voters, and that makes them dangerous. See: President Donald Trump.

The only way to combat their toxic messaging is to call them out and counter with facts. Otherwise, they have the last word, and the truth stays buried.

*The billboard featured in this post was created by Mad Dog PAC .

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