#DeleteFacebook Is Gaining Traction And There Is An Alternative

Kimberley Johnson

Mark Zuckerberg is a conniving evil-doer and it seems like every five minutes there’s a story dropping about his nefarious and anti-American activities.

Trump and Zuckerberg recently broke bread. What they discussed is not known and evidently Zuck didn’t feel like talking about it to the press, but he did say Trump didn’t lobby him. Okay, sure Jan.

News of their dinner was so troubling, the hashtag #DeleteFacebok was trending for hours yesterday.

Many are frustrated and don’t know how to quit. In fact, quitting Facebook is not unlike quitting smoking. You’re addicted. We all are, and Zuckerberg is counting on you sticking with him because he’s a big fish in a very small pond.

There is an alternative, and no, it’s not a bigger better version of Facebook. It’s called MeWe. It’s a new site that’s very much like Facebook but there are no ads. Read their terms of service. It’s a fledgling site that has real potential.

Just before Thanksgiving, I saw this infuriating tweet thread:

You must decide for yourself what you want to do and how you want to do it, but I'm transitioning slowly and here's how:

I joined MeWe. For the record, I do not work for MeWe nor am I involved in any kind of agreement with them to promote their site. I just really hate Mark Zuckerberg and I resent that I still need FB to post my work.

Some people have expressed concern about trolls and white supremacists on MeWe. I’ve been there for about a week and haven’t seen either, though I’m sure they just haven’t found me yet. When they do, I’ll block them like I would on any other social media platform. I also see it this way, we could and should outnumber the white supremacist trolls. Fuck them. (We meaning the nice people who just want a fun online experience.)

I’m not deleting Facebook...yet. As a writer and podcaster, I need the audience I’ve cultivated, so I'm building MeWe and I’m using Facebook and Twitter to help me gain friends/followers. Twice a day I post an article/status/meme to Facebook and Twitter, and then in the very first comment, I share the link inviting people to be my friend on MeWe. It works. My MeWe profile is growing slowly and each day I get about 25 new friends.

If your Facebook experience is just for fun and is primarily about connecting with friends and family, stay on Facebook and keep inviting people to MeWe. It helps when you post articles about how Zuckerberg is a villain like this one or this one and then post your MeWe invite in the first comment. People are waking up to the fact Zuckerberg is actively undermining democracy There’s a real hunger for an alternative site that offers the benefits of FB without all the fascism.

Keep your Facebook page as long as you want as you build another site. It’s good to diversify your social media portfolio in case your FB profile is deleted for hate speech because you wrote “white trash.” Zuckerberg will notice if a competitor is growing, even if you remain on his site, he’ll notice a rival site that’s gaining more users. If nothing else he may feel forced to change some rules—like allowing politicians to lie in ads—because he wants to remain the biggest site in the world and he needs to be competitive to stay on top.

There are many folks who squawk at the idea of starting a new profile page on a different site. People hate change and starting over feels overwhelming. That’s why it’s best to transition slowly. Convince your friends and family to join and eventually if you want to #DeleteFacebook, you and your network of friends will be established elsewhere.

To the folks who argue there are trolls or white supremacists on MeWe. There are trolls and white supremacists on every site. As MeWe grows, I imagine they’ll do what every other social media site does...improve the user experience. But you’re the one who needs to use the block button when trolls emerge. You do it on Facebook and if you’re on Twitter or Instagram, you do it there, too.

Mark Zuckerberg is relying on you resisting the urge to begin anew. That’s why it’s best to keep your FB page as you build. If you decide MeWe isn’t for you, delete it. But remember, any new site needs time to grow. When the Affordable Care Act was implemented, there were snags and issues to be fixed along the way. In time those snags disappeared.

Be patient and build.

It may seem lonely at first, so invite, invite, invite. People want an alternative. Post on MeWe at least twice a day even if no one is interacting with you. As your friends list grows, scroll your home feed and engage with others. Comment and like their posts—even your heart isn’t in it. Make the effort—it will pay off in time. Expect it to take time and you won’t get fed up.

There are political and pop culture pages just like the ones on FB. Explore, like pages and join groups. Just be patient. No new site will succeed in five seconds.

Last, don’t look for a reason to complain. The default is to feel disappointed because it’s not exactly like FB. Every time Twitter of FB makes a change, everyone complains, but folks get used to it. It happens every time. So be patient and grow your MeWe friends list. Stay on FB and eventually, MeWe will grow or there will be yet another alternative that grabs your attention.

Use Facebook to leave Facebook. Use Twitter, too. Just do it.

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