7 Fabulous Women You Should Follow On Twitter

Kimberley Johnson

I have a wretched case of writer's block, so instead of getting increasingly frustrated because I HAVE WRITER'S BLOCK, I'll share some of the coolest women I follow on Twitter.

These women are funny, informative, sarcastic, feminist, intelligent, witty, charming and they inspire me every day.

Here they are in no particular order:

1. feminist next door: @emrazz

Her Twitter bio: "Your favorite friendly feminist. Corrector of racists, chauvinists & pretend lawyers. Promotor of logic, reason & gratuitous snark. Will tweet for mini muffins." Not only is she a fierce feminist who takes no shit. One of her many talents is slaying misogynists:

2. Molly Jong-Fast:@MollyJongFast

You probably already follow her, but in case you've been under a rock for a few years... She's an author (The Social Climber's Handbook, Girl [Maladjusted] and Normal Girl), a mom and she describes herself left of center. She's liberal but she's respected from prominent folks on both sides of the isle. She recently penned a must-read op-ed in the Wall Street Journal about a late term abortion she didn't want. Read it HERE. She's also endlessly entertaining.

3. Kristen Johnston:@thekjohnston

Author of "GUTS," and star of 3rd Rock From The Sun, The Exes and CBS's Mom. I've never met her, but she's one of my favorite people to follow on Twitter. Maybe it's because we're both sarcastic and tall, maybe it's because she's going to be on my podcast in December, but either way, she's honest, hilarious and has a ginormous heart. She supports other women and I love her (but not in a creepy, stalkery kind of way).

4. Imani Gandy:@AngryBlackLady

Imani is the Senior Legal Analyst at Rewire News. She's highly intelligent and her tweets are a mix of fun personal anecdotes, politics, humor, sarcasm and intersectional feminism. She's not a big fan of Bernie Sanders.

5. Jen Kirkman:@JenKirkman

Jen is funny, funny, funny. Did I say she was funny? She's also whip-smart and when she's not being funny, she tweets about politics and her unique perspective on life. She has two Netflix specials: Just keep Livin'? and I'm Gonna Die Alone. Both are HYSTERICAL. She's the author of two NYT bestsellers titled, I Can Barely Take Care of Myself: Tales From a Happy Life Without Kids and I Know What I'm Doing -- and Other Lies I Tell Myself: Dispatches from a Life Under Construction. She also mocks Trumpco.

6. Caroline Orr: @RVAwonk

Caroline is a Behavioral Scientist and a writer/editor at Shareblue Media. Her feed is political and she breaks down complicated news stories making them easier to understand. She isn't always humorous, but when she is, she kills it.

7. Leah Torres, MD:@LeahNTorres

Leah is an OBGYN who's great at "docsplaining" abortion to the perpetually clueless. She's endlessly patient as conservative trolls throw all kinds of epithets her way, and when she makes docsplaining videos, you can just tell she's got a calming bedside manner. I adore her. Oh yeah and she was on my podcast. Listen HERE.

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