Charlottesville & The Alt-Right: Just Say NO to Identity Politics

Racism and identitarianism on the right should be opposed just as strongly by individualists as the social justice movement.

What happened in Charlottesville was bleak. I'd wager that Antifa probably started the majority of the violence, but in any case, it's clear that many in the Alt-Right came looking for a fight, and the two groups seemed more than happy to beat on each other.

Right now people seem to be arguing over who's more to blame, or who's worse, but frankly I think that's ridiculous. Both sides are regressive, both sides are un-American, and both sides engage in the exact same identity politics. There's plenty of condemnation to go around, and there's no need to pick and choose here.

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Okay while like you I have no like of the Alt Right. But there are some facts about what happened there that are not getting out. First off the Assistant Mayor of Charlottesville, has more than enough times proven his willingness to silence those who are white and violated laws to stop this rally despite permits issued. Second the ACLU represented the Rally organizers on Free Speech and law. Upon arrival at the place the rally was permitted to be held the State Police under orders from the Governor declared it an unlawful assembly and ordered those attending to leave and basically pushed them into the waiting arms of Antifa, who did not have an assembly permit. Gee I wonder why it devolved like it did. In most instances it was the attending Militia members who curtailed the violence by mere presence, and not through violence while the uniformed police stood by and did nothing. There are videos to back this up. As I said while I do not in any way support the White Supremacists or such groups, I do feel that they have the same First Amendment right as does Antifa or BLM. If the Governor and City had followed the letter of the law, and the police did not stand by after forcing the two groups together, there would have been a different outcome. Like perhaps the message of the White Supremacists would have been heard in full and rejected by all of us. The Tiki Torch March was ludicrous, and if they had been allowed to hold their rally it would have probably ended up showing them as the danger they are. As for the loose cannon that drove a car into the crowd, he should be held accountable for his actions alone. Unless it can be proven that he had been coerced or given orders to commit such a crime. Bottom line here is despite how vulgar and hate filled their message was, the acts of the government should be also seen for being responsible for the outcome. This was a perfect showing of the Blue wave left way of governing, and their willingness to suppress any voices that they disagree with, and as in other cities have let BLM and Antifa commit violence on their behalf. The First Amendment protection of free speech is a double edged sword. By allowing the free expression of their ideals they will expose themselves. I am saddened by what happened and lay blame not at the feet of the Alt Right/White supremacists, but also those in charge of the government actions that perpetuated this violence to further their agenda of silencing not just these hate mongers but all of us who try to speak out.


The alt right wants a nation with no poc and the alt left want one with no whites. I think we can work something out here.
Btw, don't forget to film with the poor mic AND florescent lights for the next one.