RM I enjoyed your recent livestream with Tara McCarthy. She mentioned Israel and how it's an ethno-state and then proceeded to wonder why whites can't have an ethno-state. I find that statement ludicrous on a few points. First, Israel is NOT an ethno-state,.only 80% of Israel is Jewish I don't think that can be considered an ethno-state. Second, many of these civic nationalists act like the world just presented the Jews with Israel. In truth Israel's founding in 1948 was a result of just under 60 years of work to legally get a country. After it's founding Israel has fought against neighboring countries who wanted to conquer it. The most recent conflict being in 2014. (To all white nationalists out there "if you want a country your going to have to fight for one".) Third,.Israel is only an "ethno-state" because it is culturally homogeneous. People don't stick together because they look alike, they stick together because they have similar ideas and interests. It happens to be that almost all Jews have common ancestry so it is ethnically homogeneous. If one would take two ethnic Jews, one secular and one religious, and put them together they would not get along.