It's suspected that Trump will pull the US out of the Paris Climate Accord, and although I'm not climate change denier and do think that pollution must be combated, I personally hope this news is true.

Like many international treaties, the Paris Accord is all talk and no action; the accord includes absolutely no measures for keeping countries accountable for the reductions they pledge. It may seem nice to see different nations come together with the intention of fighting climate change, but in reality, the US has nothing to gain from signing onto the accord.

If Americans really are passionate about environmentalism, they should be pushing for the continued move away from coal to natural gas (which is both cheaper and cleaner than coal), or even better, trying to reduce the regulations surrounding nuclear power, which emits little to no greenhouse gases. Additionally, the push for business to reduce waste (which is beneficial for both the environment and corporations bottom lines) should continue internally and by consumer advocacy groups. None of these measures require the globalism and big government found in treaties like the Paris Accord and the former Kyoto deal, and the American people would be better served by the US independently trying to reduce its emissions.

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I agree with you, Roaming. I'm not a denier either - it's real, but not man made and not quite so bad as so many try to make it out to be, but is still bad, if that's not a nullifying qualifier.

The Paris Accord looks more like a public appeasement than an actual environmental measure to help reduce pollution, which is unfortunate as the Accord could have done some very good things for the world. It's likely a product of the nuclear plant in Japan that was destroyed when a Tsunami and Earthquake went through and demolished it.