From whence does Privilege Come?

Privilege comes in two forms: (1) Productivity and (2) association. Association privilege is akin to corruption and is minor. Predominantly, privilege is a result of productivity and accomplishment. People who produce get privilege such as sports stars and movie stars.

More subtle and enduring privilege comes from an historical record of accomplishments. The West has an historical record of accomplishments in science, technology, industrialization, medicine, art, music, literature etc.

While the East has accomplishments, it is the West that has defined the modern world.

At the root of accomplishment, and thus privilege, is work ethic. More than any other factor the 24/7, no vacation, no holidays grind and commitment to hard work characterizes the West; and, American more than Europe.

Productive people do not even know what to do on vacation, so they take their work along with them because they are uncomfortable being idle. That results in increased productivity and innovation, and that is the source of privilege. Everyone respects a productive person and will give them deference even though they do not want it.

To the productive person, the privilege they are granted is meaningless. The only things they care about are the results that they can produce.

So, all of the talk about privilege is much ado about nothing. If you want privilege, be productive; but, then you will not even care about privilege.