Google and politics - an employee fired over an internal memo.

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His violation was sharing internally a manifesto titled "Google's Ideological Echo Chamber", in which he outlined differences between men and women as viewed from evolutionary point of view, suggested several non-discriminatory ways to reduce gender gap, pointed out current Google's biases and suggested a few improvements. A complete text was published on Gizmondo .

The memo was leaked to the public, after which his employment has been terminated, as per the article at The Guardian.

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While I support anything that eliminates discrimination, I have some bad feelings about the drive to be seen as the most inclusive at any cost.I have lives with the predecessor called Affirmative Action and have seen it used as a club that produced some dismal results. Any time you put quotas ahead of talent you diminish the quality of the product.But hey let the socialist utopia dream blunder on. We have had this discussion a couple of times and it keeps bringing us right back to the same points. In the 80s we had Unisex pushed upon us and it failed to improve anything then in the 90s a bunch of people made a ton of money explaining how the sexes are different. Here we are in the 21st century and we are being bombarded by the new and improved Unisex thing again. I read this supposed Manifesto and find it is not evil or discriminatory, but it does expose some problems in Google. First off how is it not discriminatory to have classes that only POC and women are allowed to attend? If you want an inclusive work place you need to make it totally inclusive. But then again in Liberal Land reality often takes a back seat to reality. While some are very angery I am just very sad. Sad that there is no common sense and Political Correctness is allowed to push reality off the table. While I am not an academic or some elite thinker or such, I can see and understand when something is wrong, and that it is the same record being played over and over again. I think I speak for most of us who live on this world when I say. For there to be peace, there must be justice. And for there to be justice the playing field needs to be perfectly level. And from what I see all this inclusiveness lacks any of that. You can not bring one group up by forcing another down. Then again what do I know?