What's My Gender?? | The SJW Gender Tag


In this video, I do the Gender Tag that's been going aroung the SJW community. The questions in the tag seem to confirm what I've thought for some time now, which is that many SJWs and feminists confuse "gender" for "personality." I also believe that the conflation of these two terms is what has led some people to believe that there are infinite, non-binary, and fluid genders.
Call me old fashioned, but the way I see it, "gender" comprises the behavioral differences between men and women that result from both our biology and social conditioning. Apologies to all the special snowflakes out there, but no, gender isn't something that each individual defines for themselves.

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Aaron Crosby
Aaron Crosby

i love your comments about how both genders should be willing to pour into the ones that they love... to whoo each other and that it's not just the typical "mans" job to do that... for a healthy fulfilling relationship it requires 100% from both parties.


I enjoyed watching this immensely. I was not the most feminine girl when I was younger, but I also identify as a proud female. Clothing and body hair preferences do not define a person's gender, so I do not understand how those questions correlate to a person's gender. Great video!