Some Scientific data for you: Every human today descended from about 2K to 10K Africans that migrated out of Africa about 50kya. Those that did interbred with the Neanderthals (we have about 3-5% Neanderthal DNA). Those that did not migrate out of Africa do not have Neanderthal DNA. We inherited straight hair and white skin from them and some immunity genes. Straight hair is a better insulator than tight curly hair and white skin is better suited to absorb sunlight. These adaptations were a result of living in a very cold harsh climate. Also, the culture of the harsh northern climate required everyone to carry their own weight and required equality. It also required recognizing that time was valuable ( btw, females were particularly valuable) due to the shorter growing periods and shorter winter days.. Culture was determined by climate and we, in the West, still retain that culture today. The concept of "Race" does not have a firm scientific grounding because there is less difference between two humans than between to chimps. But culture derived from climate determines very big differences between groups. For example, in warm climates time was less valuable than in cold climates. It appears that we are in a crisis of survival and as a result, many females are rising up to voice their concerns because the female has always been the custodian of civilization...more on another occasion- Ray