Johnny Depp & Big Hollywood's Violent Hypocrisy


For a bunch of people who constantly pay lip service to qualities like love, tolerance, and understanding, liberal Hollywood elites sure do spend a lot of time fantasizing over Trump’s death. First Kathy Griffin failed at edgy political commentary by posting a photo of herself holding a replica of Trump’s bloody, dismembered head, and now Johnny Depp apparently thinks it’s funny to joke about assassinating his President.

And yes, that’s right Mr. Depp. Like it or not, he is your President.

To be clear, I don’t think that Johnny Depp actually intends to harm President Trump or that he meant his comment as anything other than an aside intended to entertain his audience. Depp has since apologized for the incident and has described his words as a “bad joke,” but regardless, those on the right are up in arms about the Left’s tendency to use violent rhetoric against their opponents.

Now I won’t go as far as to blame Depp’s statement for acts of political violence like some other conservatives are doing, since it was, after all, just a tasteless joke. However, with Representative Steve Scalise still in the hospital following the shooting in Alexandria last week, the timing of Depp’s comments seem questionable at best. While accusations of encouraging shooters are too much of a stretch in my opinion, I do think Depp’s interview is the latest example of a Hollywood liberal behaving in a way that, if a conservative were to do the same, would be tantamount to a hate crime. The rabid right-wingers who are calling for Depp’s lynching may be overreacting, but it’s undeniable that the blowback Depp has faced is only a fraction of what it would have been had he made the same comment about Barack Obama.

Additionally, I don’t think we can overlook the irony of how Hollywood leftists have a track record of using violent rhetoric and imagery against those with different political beliefs despite their championing of causes like tolerance and love. Figures like Kathy Griffin, Jim Carrey, Snoop Dogg, and Madonna (all great thought leaders of our time) have each alluded to Trump’s death in public forums. Unfortunately, hating Trump seems to have become so mainstream that these celebrities see nothing wrong with glamorizing his demise because he's dared to go against their progressive agenda.

If the left is so keen on inclusion, then why is it acceptable to treat someone on the right like Trump so horribly? Why is it OK to talk about wishing for your president's death (Carrey) or the destruction of the entire White House (Madonna)? To me, it seems like for Hollywood elitists, tolerance and acceptance are reserved for LGBT and POC, but not the GOP.

Now I know some of you will probably tell me that following the political musings or activism of celebrities is pointless, but the truth is that in our vapid, fame-obsessed society, celebrities hold far more sway in our culture than politicians do. It pains me to say it, but what these people say and do does matter, especially to younger generations. While it’s pointless to hyperbolize the severity of comments like Depp’s, we do need to call them out. Those who follow popular culture need to understand that joking about someone's death, even if it is Trumps, doesn't need to be and shouldn't be part of our political discourse.

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nothing Nugent said rose to the level of a prosecutable threat, period. Same goes for blowjob Madonna, or that ginger cunt about president biff. Secondly, the second amendment was codified into law precisely because our founders had the foresight to know that it wasn't impossible for people like Hillary and billy Clinton to obtain political power. It wasn't to allow us to hunt for spring turkey and wild hog, and it wasn't put into effect to allow us to defend our property against cedric the coked out hoover crip trying to steal our stereo.....those are both good uses of the second amendment right protected by the constitution, but they aren't WHY it was included in the bill of rights. Furthermore, what then candidate Biff was saying was that he wanted the national rifle association(which incidently is a very moderate organization, and really not all that great on some second amendment issues), to use its legal clout to block her politically. Personally, I think this is way too mild of a stance.


Agreed on all points. Its not one person that you can point to and say is causing the violence. Its in truth all of them.They live in their own bubble. That bubble was burst and now they are just angry. They just can't come to terms with the fact that millions of Americans aren't going to live their lives the way they want them to. That they no longer control the country through culture or any other means beside presenting their argument. I see even the comment above this box is talking about Trump's "take care of" comment. Its amazing the solid denial. They know the difference. They know all the things Hillary did that were proven, not some bs media hyped story, still don't care.


It's funny how you criticize the left for these kinds of actions, yet you've said precisely nothing about Ted Nugent threatening Obama, or Agent Orange stating the Second Amendment types should "take care of" Hillary. The hypocrisy here is unsurprising.