Imam Tawhidi Interview | Islam, Terrorism & The West


It was a pleasure hearing about his views and work within the Muslim community.

Something that struck me when looking through the live chat and comments left on the video, however, was how many people were accusing the Imam of "not really being a Muslim." Now, I don't believe that anyone and anything can call themselves a Muslim regardless of what their beliefs are, since obviously people within the Muslim faith by definition share a common belief system. When it comes to the religious doctrine of what is and is not Islamic though, many attacking the Imam's "Islamic legitimacy" (or whatever you'd like to call it), are not considering how the faith has evolved over time, how many sects of Islam currently exist, and how many of the works considered scripture by today's Muslims were not written until centuries after Mohammed had died, by individuals who had never met him.

I'm clearly no Islamic apologist and have been extremely critical of the Islamic culture in the past, but I did just want to clarify the fact that, as a believer in the Quran, the Imam absolutely has the right to call himself a Muslim.