A quick comparison of today and yesteryear.


    The Muslems are invading!

Wait, they're just fleeing their own lands. I'm thinking of 652 and 711 AD (Anno Domini, meaning 'in the year of our lord' in Latin), when a small Arab and Berber force invaded Byzantine Sicily, and when the Umayyad first invaded continental Europe, taking much of the Iberian Peninsula, or Hispania, as the region was known as during that time. The invaders renamed their land 'Al-Andalus' which expanded into what is now Spain and Portugal, except for the northern highlands, protected from invasion from the south by mountains. The Muslims pushed deep into France, as far as Toulouse and Autun in 725 AD. Seven years later, they would suffer a major defeat at the Battle of Tours in 732 AD.

Eventually the Muslim forces would be pushed out of France and Spain, though there would still be a Muslim presence in Continental Europe until about 1236, finally losing the southern most region of Spain known as Granada. In that time the Muslims had sacked Pisa, the Basilicas of Saint Peter and Saint Paul in Rome, and numerous other Christian holdings.

Compared to the invasions of centuries past, surely the circumstances are much different in the years from 2015 to 2017 and beyond, yes? In some ways yes, but in other ways depressingly not. The word 'Assassin' originates in Muslim culture and language (Hassassins were a widely feared group), and even then, attacks against the local populace were common-place, as they are now where there is a strong Muslim presence, either in government, or just as a populace. In a way, history is repeating itself under the guise of humanitarian aide and allowing refugees into the very Christian lands that the Muslims had previously attempted to conquer. Some countries have remembered the past, while others seem to willfully live in blithe ignorance of the not too distant past. In my research, which is admittedly little, I have heard of few, if any muslim attacks in places like Spain, Portugal, Poland, Lithuania, and any other Eastern European country that has suffered from being conquered, oppressed, or otherwise had direct contact with Muslim neighbors.

France, German, England, and Italy have had contentions and military actions with and against Muslim countries, but each is further from the Muslim lands than the last, and as such, removed from their violent history with our neighbors in the middle east and northern Africa. France, possibly one of the greatest kingdoms of it's time, is now in a pitiful state, nearly every week news of a new attack is spread around the globe. The people are suitibly cowed there, after attacks in Nice and Paris, the capital itself, it seems the only reason attacks in France might ever slow up there is because the people are so imobilized by fear and the government is woefully unwilling to deal with the foreign threat within it's own borders.

Germany, being in similar straits, appears to be struggling to not reach such a level of fear, yet has been largely ineffective in stopping many terrorist attacks from occuring, and England, the furthest of Western European lands from the Muslims, which had previously only experienced 'minor' terrorist attacks, has recently been the victim of a nasty, wicked, and truly horrifying series of Muslim attacks, killing large amounts of innocent, inunvolved citizens, purely because they are 'white' 'crusaders' and 'Christians'.

I can't speak for the Scandinavian countries, purely because Sweden is in the extreme on one side, and Norway appears to be in the extreme on the other side. One Ravaged by the supposed refugee Muslims, one almost devoid of Muslim refugees and doing well for itself.

What we have here is terrible, and a prime example as to why countries should not open their borders to refugees, or to allow such mass immigration that the new cultural peoples swamp the original. This is more than "just" a migrant issue. This is more than "just" a religious dispute. This is more than "just". It's all of it, and the socialists and anarchists that have hijacked the political left are too far removed from the problem, from reality, they can't see that, and everyone suffers for it.

That's all I have to say on the matter for now. I originally meant to leave this as purely a comparison between the historical conflict and the conflict of today. Recent events however, have given me incentive to share my opinion. I tried my best to reserve my opinion for the second half.

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