wow! i have to admire the brutal honesty of professor boghossian. he must be the last man standing at portland state. by that i mean that he has in vast quantities the virtue that i value the most, courage. since i live in oregon, i know that PSU is as far to the left as you can get. i'm only surprised that he, yourself and others who still believe in free speech weren't shouted down. consider it a minor miracle. ... how about this is an advertising slogan for an institute of higher learning - "at hillsdale college, we will never be like the indoctrination centers so many of our competitors have become, because we will always value and emphasize the free exchange of ideas and opinions. the only thing we will not tolerate is those who try to silence others because they disagree with them." - just used hillsdale as an example. personally, i like hillsdale, and wish they had a college in every state in america.