Why do so many Christians in North America seem resistant to the idea of climate change? I am not…


Why do so many Christians in North America seem resistant to the idea of climate change? I am not religious so I don't know if there's something in scripture that they cling onto to avoid the facts?

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Yeah, since you don't do the science yourself, belief in it is still a faith. Its mostly about which side you have faith in.


Well, because most people haven't done the scientific work, we have to believe or put our faith in those that have to some degree. We can read the conclusions, but a leap of faith is needed otherwise we'd all be spending our time redoing the experiments. The difference between science and religion is that the data IS there, whereas with religion the unknowing is part of the charm, so to speak.

No science is 100%, but climate change is pretty close to it.

And in general science vs religion is a false dichotomy: science explains what God created.


Well, as a North American Christian, allow me to add my thoughts. :)

For me, its not that I believe climate change isn't real, I simply don"t have any credible evidence that it is. A lot of the research seems to be biased or fail to explore alternative theories. I would love to see some good evidence though if anybody knows any! (something that shows its real, if we're causing it, why we should care, what would actually help.)

I suppose maybe its becauses scientists believe our religion is wrong so its not something we give credibility to? Mainstream science seems to be an enemy of Christianity. (Science isn't wrong about everything though).

As for scripture, I'm not aware of any that would say the Earth won't get warmer, but maybe I'm wrong.

Its kinda ironic how us religious people what more evidence and credibility, but the atheists seem to blindly believe any scientist lol (Not everyone of course ;) )