What do you make of Twitter's double standards? Tariq Nasheed is actually a great case in point, he can even get a Sikh like Bunty banned, yet if you look at Tariq's twitter page his pinned tweet is about a Crispy game - and Crispy is his racist nick name for Tommy Sotomayor who he has a massive beef with (apparently he was a big fan of Tommy's until the BLM stuff). I mean it's funny in a way, but technically he's pinning racist harassment of a fellow black man and he's getting away with it, as opposed to all the people he's got banned. Quite incredible.

I mean good luck to him I guess, but it seems like Jack must be terrified of being branded a white supremacist so he's bending over backwards for Tariq at every opportunity.

The other angle is that I believe the 2nd biggest Twitter share holder is that Saudi Prince who funded "Hillary Satan" along with a certain well known "Nazi collaborator" who funded Black Lives Matter, with the latter also trying to silence all criticism of Islam through the Open Society Foundation. And while a gay Jewish man like Milo gets banned from Twitter pretty quickly ISIS affiliated accounts apparently have no such problems. To say nothing of the fact that it's apparently an open secret that Saudi Arabia is funding these Islamic terrorist organisations.

So in that context Tariq seems like an ideal poster boy for the agenda the Saudi Prince and his cronies are trying to push. Which is why he can get away with so much more than Bunty or Tommy, let alone Milo.

But hey, I still think you should have Tariq on though.