What do you make of all this "race realism" stuff? Ironically it was Sam Harris who brought this conversation back to the fore by having Charles Murray, author of The Bell Curve, on his podcast.

It's a taboo subject, but when you have a neuro-scientist and top psychologist on the one hand, and a handful of Youtuber's on the other, my money's on the former being right, especially when you see how compelling their evidence is as opposed to the feelings of a handful of Youtuber's. Even Jordan Peterson has debunked a lot of the arguments used to attempt to discredit race realism in terms of the reliability of IQ tests etc.

The Youtuber's denying this stuff are just making themselves look bad in all honesty, there's already a couple of response video's that make them look pretty silly, blowing their arguments out of the water and making them look pretty ignorant on the subjects involved.

I'm just going off what the likes of Sam Harris have said on the matter, plus looking into it further, I haven't looked at how racists might be exploiting this stuff to push their own agenda's.

Maybe you should make a video about it, I'm sure you won't get any more hate than you did over your veganism video!