Roaming, In my constant quest to redefine the world in my own terms, I have come across various…



In my constant quest to redefine the world in my own terms, I have come across various differences in opinion from the world and especially the main stream. I was looking for people of high analytical ability to tear this to pieces. Where better than the internet? I have defined Multiculturalism as clearly defined and separate cultures interacting together for a common purpose. Trade, global security, space and oceanic exploration, science, etc. But I have defined another term which is commonly either confused or misused as multiculturalism as Uniculturalism. This the the melting pot that many claim as multiculturalism. In my terms, you have multiple clearly defined cultures working together in close proximity to have multiculturalism. Examples, China and India. 2 distinctly different and ancient cultures, interacting, sharing, and yet never completely dissolved by each other. Uniculturalism would be what we have in Toronto, New York, and many other areas. They take many cultures, force them together within a confined space, and expect them to exist peacefully and prosperously. However, when mixed, I find it is more like a morning protein shake. You mix a bunch of otherwise non-mixing states into a glass, throw in some protein, and blend it on high until you can't tell one from the other kind of thing. I feel this to be one of my grounding stands against a one world government and what they mistake as multicultural view of the world. I don't think anyone can appreciate another culture when they are so busy trying to defend their otherwise undefined culture against an established culture. It takes away from the appreciation of the other cultures. Therefore, defeating and destroying true multiculturalism.

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Yeah, but the weird thing is that they put them in the blender but expect them not to blend together. They want every one to get along but get upset about cultural appropriation. It's like they want a society of people living in isolation. What they don't understand is that eventually the cultures will merge together and stop being multicultural at all.