RM, enchante:

I only recently viewed your vegan video and the subsequent video retorts. Being that this issue maintains relevancy in your interviews and video commentary, I thought you may find it interesting to know I wrote an “amicus curiae” concerning the Vegan Gains debate video:

I must say too that I so very much respect that you maintain your convictions, have not waffled under such pressures, and have fully embraced your humility on the matter. Truly, you are galvanically organic. Please, keep up your wonderful work and inspiring attitude!

(You joke of your self-proclaimed ‘philosopher king’ status, yet you are such—for you entirely comprehend the inherent dangers of social engineering.)

I am one of your myriad and we do stand with you.

Apropos: It disheartens me knowing your feelings about California (although I completely understand them.) I pray that you might change your mind on this (I am in Fresno, CA), and we so desperately need people like you here and not fleeing elsewhere.