10 Reasons Why Trudeau Will Win The Next Federal Election


After the Canadian anthem "update" it got me thinking about the election next year and if Trudeau will win re-election. I found this article from last Summer from the ever so reliable Huffington Post on why he will. Who do you think can spring up as a viable challenger and do you think if he loses that his sucessor will spend most of his/her time reversing the overly SJW policies he is pushing?


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So far he has broken most of his promises, put the country $45 billion dollars in debt.and is the first Canadian PM to be found guilty of a federal crime. At this point, his prospects aren't looking good. Sadly, I think the NPD have a pretty good shot next year. They're much farther left then Trudeau and have a visible minority as their leader. That's all that's needed in Canada these days.

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