Next Federal Election

10 Reasons Why Trudeau Will Win The Next Federal Election

After the Canadian anthem "update" it got me thinking about the election next year and if Trudeau will win re-election. I found this article from last Summer from the ever so reliable Huffington Post on why he will. Who do you think can spring up as a viable challenger and do you think if he loses that his sucessor will spend most of his/her time reversing the overly SJW policies he is pushing?

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So far he has broken most of his promises, put the country $45 billion dollars in debt.and is the first Canadian PM to be found guilty of a federal crime. At this point, his prospects aren't looking good. Sadly, I think the NPD have a pretty good shot next year. They're much farther left then Trudeau and have a visible minority as their leader. That's all that's needed in Canada these days.