I have a question for Ben Shapiro(and I'm interested in your thoughts on this stuff) - why is he in favour of the death penalty for rape? It's the one position he holds that doesn't make sense, unless he has some negative personal experience colouring his judgement (so you might want to check whether he's okay answering the question). But this would incentivise rapists to murder their victims to avoid being identified by their victims - the opposite of what we should be doing. Plus according to multiple psychological studies up to 50% of women have rape fantasies, which would explain Sweden, the most feminist country in the world, being the one literal rape culture in the West, with refugee's being let off by saying they didn't know rape was wrong even though it's illegal across the Muslim world, plus government officials tell women to cover up to avoid tempting would-be rapists - which is "victim blaming" from the feminist perspective.

Yet many feminists in Sweden still welcome refugee's with open arms, holding signs that say "Your rapists for our racists" - so they want to replace the men who want to protect them with men who potentially want to rape them, knowing that they can get away with rape by saying they didn't know it was wrong.

As Jordan Peterson said, the top searches by women for pornographic/romance novel's are vampires, werewolves and pirates - dominant, if not bestial, 'men' who go way beyond modern day alpha males in terms of how dangerous they are, and their proclivity for taking what they want, not taking no for an answer etc. So you can see why such women might fetishise Muslim men etc, even if stereotyping them as rapists etc is deeply unfair.

Other cultures don't even view rape as a serious crime, the Western assumption is that it's because they're inferior or backwards, but who's to say they're wrong and we're right? As far as I'm aware the Western idea that rape is a terrible crime somehow comparable to murder stems from the Angle's and their notions about the great importance of honour - they also believed in dueling to the death over notion's of honour, something that defamation laws were brought in to help put a stop to.

Feminists would describe men fighting to the death as an example of toxic masculinity, and it's hard to deny this type of behaviour is barbaric and ridiculous, yet the "outdated" idea that honour is something to both kill and die over has clear parallel's with the idea that a woman being dishonoured through rape is somehow comparable to murder in seriousness. Ironically this also stems from "sexist" idea's that a woman's value is in her virginity, that otherwise they are "damaged goods", and that all a woman has to aspire to is get married and have kids. So feminists decry toxic masculinity even though it is part of the same coin as their favourite stick with which to beat men, the idea that rape is a terrible crime - the two things are inextricably linked, the idea that to be dishonoured is somehow comparable to, if not worse than, death.

And the thing of it is, this is actually damaging to women, and men and children, who are the victims of rape, conditioning people to believe that if you are raped you are irreparably damaged when in other parts of the world women are basically forced to marry their rapists, and this is seen as being fine, men can escape criminal proceedings and women can escape the perceived stigma of being damaged goods through essentially having sex outside of marriage, and losing their virginity to a man they are not married to.

I'd argue it's no coincidence that both rape victims and non-virginal women are viewed as damaged goods - and it's the lack of virginity that's the perceived issue. But of course, living in a gynocentric society, this stuff is too taboo to debate or scutinise, so these outdated, harmful, and arguably sexist, idea's have persisted for centuries without ever being addressed.

As for the death penalty itself, it's not cost effective, not an effective deterrent etc etc, so it shouldn't be used for any crime, let alone rape. And we need to stop stigmatising future rape victims as being irreparably damaged through illogical and outdated conditioning about the seriousness of rape - something other cultures actually have more enlightened view's on, not inferior ones.

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Yeah I agree that sexual assault is over stigmatized. Athought I don't think feminists value sexual purity (they literally dress up as genitals). I think it has more to do with being taken advantaged of.

I think we're too hard on the rapists as well. Think about, if raped is so stigmatized and if getting caught could lead to horrible punishment, think about the force that must be behind it. Perhaps men don't want to rape but their sex drives over power them. Stigmatizing men sexuality causes men to bottle it up until it explodes. Feminism also stops men from making the bonds they need with women. If men were allowed to have healthy relathionships (not necessarily a sexual one) we might not have this problem.


@Toby this reminded me, somewhat ironically?, of a bit louis ck did in his show, where he said basically 'as a father of a daughter i wish we didn't treat paedophiles so badly... because then they wouldn't kill their victims and at least we'd get the child back'


I'd also like to know Ben's views on veganism - I'd love to see him put the smack down on them and their weak arguments that never seem to get called out.