Hi Roaming, how are you?
I keep missing the hangouts because of the time difference, but I have some questions, and I hope you find the time to answer:
Is RoamingMedia coming back? It has been too long. I hope you don't wait for the next Game of Thrones season before making another review.

How is the feminist song going?

Black dresses on "UnCensored" - coincidence or a dress code?

Will you make a video about USA foreign aid?

Will you host Ash Hardell for a "Normie's introduction to non-binary pronouns"?
I'd like to hear what those pronouns mean, why do non-binary people connect so much of their personal expression to gender, and why is their gender so important to their personal identification?

Are you planning to move your site from Maven? You can get the same blogging functions, including comments and questions, from any normal blogging site, with less bugs and better support. (and better layout too)

Are you planning a stand-up routine?
On your response to Jimmy Kimmel you said that him talking about politics makes as much sense as you performing stand-up.
Well, mr. Kimmel IS talking about politics...

Wish you all the best