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So I would like to send you an article and two youtube videos about Islam that I find interesting.

This article was written in 2005. Its a book review, about a book written by a jordanian journalist, who had been in prison with an al quadia member. This book lays out a seven steps plan al quadia had for islamization of the world. Later on this book has not gotten much attention. Even though the first steps of plan has become a reality. This book was written when George Bush was a president. Before the arab spring. And the chaos that unfolded in the Middle East.Then the article ends with:

"His book should therefore be read for what it really is: an attempt to second guess how al-Qaida terrorists think, what they really want and how they propose to get there."

The Future of Terrorism - What al-Qaida Really Wants


This youtube video is from 2013. And is from a student organized conference in Norway. Where most of the young participants raise their hand in agreement to answer the question if stoning to death is an acceptable sentence in islam.


And another youtube video from 2011. From a Hamas school gratuation in Gaza. Where a little girl is dancing in a suicide west and another girl is dancing with knifes.


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