hey roaming, have you ever thought about writing a book? i recently bought a roaming millennial t-shirt, but i thought it would be really nice if you had a book for sale. why do you believe the way that you do? maybe you could call it, "the conservative alternative" or "the conservative manifesto." the word manifesto gets a bad rap sometimes because of "the communist manifesto", i think. in reality, manifesto simply means a public declaration of intentions, motives or views. you could promote your book when you speak at leftist indoctrination centers(AKA universities). challenge your audience by asking them if they truly believe in tolerance and embracing diversity, that instead of protesting or shouting you down, that they actually listen to what you have to say. do they really believe in the free exchange of ideas? that's what universities used to take pride in. if you no longer can exchange ideas, then what you have is indoctrination, only one point of view being allowed to be promoted.