Dear White Women: Do Your Job​ to be Better Humans​


Not all white women use 911 to harass people of color. Some of them just do it all on their own. Like this drunk white woman in Charlotte, North Carolina who was filmed threatening and harassing two Black women waiting for AAA to come fix their car.

Or this white woman in Windsor, California who racially harassed children calling them ghetto and telling them to 'go back to Mexico'.

There are no bubbles. These (​by far mostly) white women and men are everywhere and have been emboldened for the last two years after an openly racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamophobic (the list goes on) became the President of the United States. As white women, we have a heightened responsibility to call out and on the people in our circles.

If you don't call out your white friends when they say something ​even ​mildly racist, you're not doing your job. If you don't cancel playdates after you find out someone voted for Trump, you aren't doing your job. If you aren't making sure all of your friends are voting, you aren't doing your job. And making sure if they have to work long hours, help with childcare so they can vote. If you aren't supporting the women of color leaders in your community, you aren't doing your job.

At this point there are no grey areas. We can't afford them. These women in parking lots, on street corners, at little league games, they exist because too many of us stay silent. ​People are under constant attack. This week it's transpeople, refugees and US-born babies. ​We don't know who will be next and no one should live in fear. Now ​we have to stand up and actively fight racism, fascism, all the isms, or ​we are part of the problem.


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