Quote of the Day - Grace Lee Boggs

"Even if the people of our respective communities or of our country are acting in ways that we believe are unworthy of human beings, we must still care enough for them so that their lives and ours, their questions and ours, become inseparable.
Grace Lee Boggs, “I Must Love the Questions Themselves”

Grace Lee Boggs was a Chinese American scholar and a revolutionary. She worked with socialists C.L.R James and Raya Dunayeskaya on applying Marxist theory to American politics in the 1940s and 50s. Eventually she and her husband Jimmy Boggs, friends of Malcolm X, moved to Detroit and helped organize the Black Power and Civil Rights Movements. Grace put in a cool century on this earth and spent every minute either making social change or teaching others how. Through her books and her work at the Boggs Center to Nurture Community Leadership, she influenced at least 3 generations of young social justice activists, including me. This quote reminds me that "inseparable" is the goal, that too little is possible without that joining of our interests, and that no answer is forever.