The truth about the money raised for Tree of Life synagogue


Since her role in founding the Women’s March, Linda Sarsour, a Palestinian-American activist, has been accused of allowing anti-Semitic rhetoric within the movement. These accusations follow a pattern of attacks on Sarsour’s character, the most recent claiming that she misused money fundraised for Tree of Life Synagogue.

Following the murder of 11 Jewish people at Tree of life Synagogue in Pittsburgh, Sarsour promoted a campaign for the Muslim community to raise money for funeral costs for families affected by the tragedy. Fake news sites have published claims that she gave the money to an Islamic group and others have said the group has “terror ties”.

The sole purpose of these attacks is to defame Linda Sarsour. In a November 27th Facebook post, Sarsour addressed the accusations, explaining that funds went to a nonprofit Muslim Foundation, Celebrate Mercy, who distributed $155K to Tree of Life and the remaining funds allocated to support Muslim-Jewish joint projects “in places like Pittsburgh that build off the wonderful solidarity that has emerged out of this tragedy.”

Sarsour has actively raised money to combat anti-semitism. After Jewish cemeteries we vandalized across the country, Sarsour raised funds for Golden Hill Cemetery in Colorado to repair damages. For the last weeks, Sarsour and fellow Women’s March co-founder and Tamika Mallory, have come under a barrage of false claims of ties to terrorism and to anti-Semitic ideas promoted by Louis Farrakhan, leader of the Nation of Islam.

“I am absolutely distraught that people will exploit a moment of tragedy to make unfounded and libelous claims,” Sansour wrote in her Facebook post. “This will not encourage future moments of meaningful solidarity.”

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