So Outrageous the Only Response is WTF


This is such a horrible, enraging story that I can’t even find enough ways to say so. Trigger warning: if you’re sensitive on sexual violence, don’t follow the links and maybe don’t read this.

Here are the big points:

18-year-old picked up by two cops in South Brooklyn last year

For some weed in the cup holder, cops pull 3 people of out the car

They put her in a van and rape her for hours while the van drives around

They eventually let her go with no charges

She goes to the hospital immediately after with her mom and finds out this:

“…in New York, there is no law specifically stating that it is illegal for police officers or sheriff’s deputies in the field to have sex with someone in their custody. It is one of 35 states where armed law enforcement officers can evade sexual assault charges by claiming that such an encounter — from groping to intercourse — was consensual.”


They call this “detainee consent.” How is there anything consensual if you’re in police custody? How is this not a regulation written by predatory male cops to give them the right to rape at will? Since 35 states have this law, yours is likely one of them.

These cops have resigned from the NYPD. They have been charged with rape, but this piece of rape enabling needs to be outlawed all over the country. In New York, City Councilmember Mark Treyger has offered a bill making sex between cops and detainees illegal, as it currently is between corrections and parole officers.

If you can manage it, read the whole story here.

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This is beyond unconscionable. It’s sick that people can use archaic laws to escape punishment for rape.