Enormous medical neglect at border facilities that have resulted in more than 20 deaths since 2010.

Two children died in Customs and Border Protection custody in December. Felipe Alonso-Gomez was eight years old and Jakelin Call Maquin was seven. Their tragic deaths were preventable with proper access to medical care.

Advocates say facilities are overcrowded, there is insufficient food and water, and there are abusive conditions. Human and civil rights are regularly violated, and the medical care is abysmal.

There are nearly 15,000 children in immigration detention facilities currently, a record high.

Children in these facilities are incredibly vulnerable. Reports have surfaced that employees at these facilities did not have adequate background checks, resulting in widespread reports of child abuse, such as sexual assault and forced medication.

The detention of these children could likely lead to long-term physiological trauma and health harms according to pediatricians and other experts.

Adults are suffering too. Jose Azuridia, a refugee from Guatemala, became ill and started vomiting. A nurse refused to treat him because “she did not want to get sick” according to Human Rights Watch. In fact, Azurdia was having a heart attack, and later died.