Me on Tim Wise's podcast


Tim Wise is one of the sharpest voices in White anti-racist politics. We didn't agree on everything here, but we did talk about what kind of movement is called for in this very scary, Trumpian moment.

From the SpeakOut site: [Tim and Rinku] discuss why it's important for progressives to bridge the work being done by anti-Trump activists (who focus mostly on challenging the Administration’s corruption and authoritarian tendencies) with broader issue-oriented social justice efforts, and why both community organizers and electoral campaigners have lots to learn from one another. Additionally, she and Tim discuss the strategic and conceptual value of intersectionality when it comes to movement building, and how it can help clarify the importance of identity to our experiences, while yet building bridges between people that avoid the sometimes isolating elements of so-called identity politics. Finally, they discuss the importance of storytelling and narrative to the building of progressive movements, as well as the recent Golden Globes protest, and the value of celebrities taking up progressive causes, amid criticism and pushback to them doing so.

Have a listen:

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Great interview.