Mass Civil Disobedience in Washington, D.C. to End Family Detention


As I watched in abject horror as news flowed in about children being stolen from their families at the border, my heart broke. Much like so many parents and caregivers have expressed, it destroys me to think of the trauma and terror being inflicted on these kids. A friend who works with young children who experience trauma reached out to me. She was beside herself knowing the lifetime impact these heinous acts perpetrated by this government would cause. And with the paralysis of feeling helpless, unable to stop this massive beast wrecking havoc on thousands and thousands of men, women and children.

I felt the same despair until Linda Sarsour put out the call for women to come to Washington, D.C. on June 28 and put their bodies on the line to demand this administration end its zero-tolerance policy that criminalizes all undocumented immigrants and call on congress to abolish ICE.

There was no chaos at the border until this administration created it. The number of people crossing the border was at a 46-year low the end of 2017. Even though the administration has said it will stop separating families, indefinite detention is a very moderate improvement. Placing families in internment camps is not something we can allow to happen yet again in this country.

When I learned about things like slavery, the Civil Rights movement and the Holocaust in school, I remember thinking to myself how could anyone stand by and not take action. We are at a critical moment in history, living in bleak times. But we have more tools and more knowledge to be able to fight back. Now is the make-or-break moment that will determine the world we will leave for our children. That's why I'll be with Linda and hundreds if not thousands of women in Washington, D.C. because the days of business as usual are long gone. We have to match their escalation pound-for-pound, and then some.

On Thursday, I'll be live from Washington, D.C. on Facebook and you can follow me here.