Liuba Grechen Shirley Wins a Federal Elections Ruling to Help Moms


Liuba Grechen Shirley is running for Congress against Peter King, a 26-year incumbent from Long Island's South Shore District. King is known for having hosted those "radicalization" hearings on American Muslims, and for voting against Obamacare and for Trumpcare. He's also known for lots of incendiary comments about undocumented immigrants.

Enter Shirley, a married mother of two young kids. Shirley couldn't imagine how to run a campaign with a husband who worked full time and no ongoing childcare. So she petitioned the FEC to allow her to use campaign funds for childcare, and she won. That decision, she hopes, will not only enable her successful run, but also make it possible for many other working class mothers, and maybe some fathers too, to run for office.

This great video, a star among many wonderful campaign videos this season, shows her talking about the importance of having everyday people in Congress, where a large number of millionaires currently reside. Watch and share, if only to let others know that this new rule now exists.