Drop the I-Word Anniversary


Today is the anniversary of an important victory. Five years ago, the Associated Press dropped the term ‘illegal immigrant’ from its style guide ushering in a new era of the way professional journalists report on undocumented communities. They did so to separate the person from the action in their coverage. There is so much work still to be done but this victory signaled a shift - to accurate, fair representations that aren't applied in discriminatory ways. A shift that won’t be stopped. Not even by this administration and the great lengths it’s going to to target immigrants. Many of the people and organizations integral to this win are still actively fighting to protect them. Here’s short list:

American Civil Liberties Union

Dreamers Adrift

Favianna Rodriguez

José Antonio Vargas

Julio Salgado

Monica Novoa

National Association of Latin American and Caribbean Communities

National Hispanic Journalists Association

National Hispanic Media Coalition


Race Forward

Roberto Lovato


Undocumented and Awkward

United 4 the Dream