Booze and Politics Pair Well


Last week I was on this panel​ in Portland along with my longtime friends and political heavyweights Mary Li and Scot Nakagawa for Oregon Humanities Think & Drink series. But it wasn't a typical talk. It was truly organic, a real conversation about race, government, power and identity in our current political climate. We shared the space, asked questions of each other, riffed off what each of us shared, from stories about growing up to our political coming of age. We​ even shared our TV habits. It was a real pleasure, a lot of fun, and I hope you watch and enjoy as much as we did.

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Rin--gender binary breakdown/fluidity, radical love as possible, home/coalition organizing: this is what we do in Myanmar using the body as a liberation focus, learning similarity outweighing difference!!! Creating strength in women and gender equity in men based on material reality, not social constructs!! Whew--thanks for this talk to all three of you!!