Andrew Gillum Wins Florida Democratic Primary for Governor


Wow, I can’t tear myself away from Twitter right now, watching my friend Andrew Gillum put up such a fight and win the Democratic primary for Governor. As of 8:30 conflicting reports had him either in second place behind Gwen Graham or slightly ahead, with 69 or 71 percent of precincts reporting. But the Miami Herald just called him “pulling away” from Graham. He has been endorsed by the Dream Defenders, the Black to the Future Action Fund (founder, Alicia Garza) and Bernie Sanders. Just two months ago, he was behind in both money and polls.

I’ve known Andrew Gillum for over a decade. We met while serving on the board of the Schott Foundation for Education. He was then the youngest person to have been elected (at age 23) as a City Commissioner in Tallahassee. He became Mayor in 2014, and he has moved a remarkable grassroots push in this primary campaign. He was virtually unknown around the state, but there’s absolutely no question that he has won over or engaged Florida Democratic voters that no one thought he could.

He is a dedicated progressive, a true hometown hero, and he’s never wanted anything more than to deliver for his people – the people of Tallahassee and the people of Florida. He's for single-payer health care and against Stand Your Ground. If he wins the nomination (and I could say when, because win or lose tonight, he is clearly popular and will try again) he will be the first Black candidate for Governor of Florida "in modern times" according to CBS news (I think that likely means since Reconstruction).

These tweets show us a really excited Gillum base:

Some Dems are definitely worried that Gillum might be too far left and too Black to win the state, which likes its White Republican Governors.

The GOP has already elected Trump-endorsed Ron DeSantis, so this is going to be a defining fight in November, the Florida gubernatorial version of Trump v. Sanders.