An Update on Holtec's Nuclear Waste in NM

New Mexico faces the threat of sharing it's land with nuclear waste, listen in for what organizers are doing to stop it.

New Mexico has a history of facing environmental racism at the hands of private and government agencies. One of the latest examples are the plans to implement a nuclear waste storage facility near Carlsbad and Hobbs New Mexico. This week, Leona Morgan and Eileen Shaughnessy of the Nuclear Issues Study Group, are two environmental justice activists and organizers who are working towards keeping Holtec International and other nuclear waste out of New Mexico and the surrounding areas. Listen in as media justice intern, Kenia Alonzo, speaks with Leone and Eileen about what New Mexicans can do! As always, join us live every Sunday at 7 pm (MST) on 89.9 KUNM FM or stream us on!