Tijuana organization seeking donations to open shelter for migrant families


As of November 26, there are more than 5,000 asylum seekers at Deportivo Benito Juarez, the government-run shelter in Tijuana. The Central American migrants at the border have endured discrimination both in the media and throughout their journey north. This is the same group, including children, that U.S. Border Patrol threw canisters of tear gas at during a peaceful protest.

Although many at the border have set up tents, there are still more sleeping in dirt and struggling to keep warm. The lack of separation of men, women, teenagers, and children has also caused great concern about incidents of sexual assault and harassment. Donations to DIF (Comprehensive Development of Families) run by the Municipal Government of Tijuana, have a lack of transparency for how the funds are being allocated with so many families still living in horrendous conditions.

Espacio Migrante, a Tijuana-based migrant rights organization, has been organizing and training volunteers at Deportivo Benito Juarez as well as participating in meetings with the local government to report on the humanitarian crisis. While they continue to do this work, they have found a space to convert into a shelter and community center for about 50 migrant families and are asking for support. Donations can be made here.

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