Roseanne the Racist Gets the Axe


I've been doing my best to ignore Roseanne and her comeback this year. Because there is just so much happening every day that is more deserving of time and considersation. But today when I saw Roseanne trending on Twitter, I was a little baffled. I thought to myself, "Wow, they must have done something really offensive in the season finale." (Assuming it's that time of year for them.) Then I saw this and decided this particular Roseanne the Racist saga was worth following.

This is way better than prime time television (for me). Roseanne in a predictably real-life plot twist, tweeted something outrageously racist again. She called Valerie Jarrett an 'ape' igniting instant outrage and within hours ABC canceled her show.

For now we are spared her occupying prime time real estate.