This year's #MuslimWomensDay theme is talking back to violence, and who better to represent than the first Muslim Nobel Peace Prize winner, Shirin Ebadi. Ebadi, an Iranian lawyer and human rights advocate, said, "I maintain that nothing useful and lasting can emerge from violence."

Her words strike a particular chord today as Alton Sterling's killers will not be brought to justice and it looks like the same fate could fall upon Stephon Clark. Alton Sterling was shot for selling CDs, while Black. Stephon Clark was shot for being in his grandma's backyard with a cell phone, while Black. These are just two of the names that know this year of the 2,294 people killed by police since 2016.

Muslim activists across the country, including Linda Sarsour, are fighting against police violence, gun violence, sexual violence, building an intersectional and inclusive feminist movement where #BlackLivesMatter , #MeToo , #WomensMarch and #MarchForOurLives show up en masse together.

Today show some love and celebrate the amazing Muslim women in your life.