On Freedom, Faith and Forgiveness

How "Wikipedia" of Islam sets the record straight, the romantic side of the Prophet, plus interest in Islam explained.

In this episode of Re-Sight Islam, host Qasim Rashid is once again joined by attorney and stand-up comedian, Salaam Bhatti as they close out the 3rd part of the opening trilogy that emphasizes the life of Prophet Mohammed.

Together they examine the story of the Prophet Mohammed's final days, leading up to the final revelations of the Holy Qur'an and theProphet's Farewell Address.

This episode explains how the "Wikipedia" of Islam sets the record straight, shows us the romantic side of the Prophet, and clarifies how interest in Islam means "no interest" in Islam.

Discover why the Prophet Mohammed preached that "faith is a matter of conscience" and that true followers of Islam should tolerate all faith traditions. You will also understand why the concept of forgiveness is fundamentally rooted in the origins of the faith.

Have a listen, and let's break bread together!

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