Thanks for visiting. My website focuses on important issues like racial justice, gender equity, and religious freedom. But first, I want to share two crucial points.

Like many people, I'm not happy with the lack of privacy and accountability of social media companies like Facebook. And things only seem to be getting worse. That said, I still want to continue to stay in touch with my social media family who are committed to making life better. That's why I built this platform. This page will enable me to continue to engage with you about important issues like racial justice, gender equality, and religious freedom—with plenty of dad jokes and awesome hats—but without the nastiness of social media.

So how do we engage? Well that's the second crucial point.

Please simply register below with your email and a username. That's it. We don't ask for your home or work address, relationships, phone numbers, or any other identifying factors. We simply want to stay connected in a safe and secure manner. This way, we can still enjoy our dialogues, debates, and discourses in an engaging and safe environment. We can disagree, even vehemently, without anonymous trolls ruining our social media experience.

I'll be regularly posting the same great content you love and slowly weening off of Facebook. I invite you to join me in this growing community. So be sure to register.

Thank you and God bless. Peace.


Racial and Community Justice