Man arrested for pulling gun on Black Muslim Teens at Minnesota McDonalds


At a McDonalds in Eden Prairie, Minnesota, fifty-five year old Lloyd Johnson allegedly revealed and waved a gun in response to becoming angry with a group of Black Muslim teenagers who he believed were taking too long to pay. The incident was recorded on November 19th both by cell phone, surveillance camera, and Johnson’s own phone. Although the weapon cannot be seen in Johnson’s footage, the audio presents him yelling, “Just give me a reason. Just give me a god damn reason.” According to the local ABC Eyewitness News, many have also described the incident as being racially charged.

Although Johnson was arrested the following Wednesday, the Hennepin County Attorney’s Office told ABC that the investigation requires more evidence and a search warrant application has been filed.

Johnson has reportedly had a history with guns. The application stated that although Johnson had a permit to purchase firearms in 2011, he did not possess a permit to carry at the time of the incident at McDonalds. Not only this, but following a self-reported burglary in 2014, he told officers that he owned about five or six handguns in addition to five long guns.

The report also cited that in 2011, Johnson was identified as a suspect for an assault on an individual in which he threatened him with both a gun and knife.

Prior to his arrest, investigators interviewed Johnson at his place of work where he supposedly acknowledged to have displaying his handgun and also admitted to keeping it in his vehicle at the time of the interview.

Since then investigators have applied for a search warrant for Johnson’s property and vehicle. Investigations are said to continue to look at Johnson’s history


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