Florida man arrested with enough explosives to blow up a city block

Wikimedia Commons

Qasim Rashid Esq.

From NBC:

> A Florida man has been arrested on suspicion of manufacturing an explosive chemical called the "Mother of Satan" powerful enough to blow up a neighborhood block, Volusia County Sheriff's Office and local reports said.

> Jared Coburn, 37, was arrested in Lake Helen, Florida, on Tuesday after police received a tip about explosive materials at his home.

> Police discovered jars of the highly explosive substance triacetone triperoxide, which is a white crystal powder called the "Mother of Satan" by terrorist groups like Al Qaeda.

> The substance was used in the 2017 Manchester bombing, the 2015 Paris attacks and by "Shoe Bomber" Richard Reid in 2001, according to Sheriff Mike Chitwood.

> Chitwood said that Coburn, who told police that he was trying to make homemade fireworks, was savvy enough to create the chemical and not blow himself up.

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